Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services (EGS) - India has launched its Campus Recruitment Program - Fuelling Assertive Campus Talent (FACT) 2016 to add new team members to our existing talent pool from various institutes across India.

We at Wells Fargo EGS - India, are driven by Innovation. Our campus recruitment program - the FACT, is guided by the same principle. We have been very innovative in our campus hiring process for the last six years and it continues to be different this year as well!

About Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services (EGS) - India

Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services (EGS) is a critical component of the Wells Fargo’s (Wells Fargo Bank N.A.) strategy to leverage distinct advantages in doing business in a global environment. Wells Fargo EGS - India (Wells Fargo India Solutions Private Limited and Wells Fargo International Services Private Limited) is primarily an extension of the technology, operations, knowledge services, and corporate support teams of Wells Fargo. It engages in application development and support, testing, other technology functions, international operations, knowledge support, middle and back-end banking process solutions for a wide spectrum of Wells Fargo’s needs. The entities currently have offices in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.


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