Wells Fargo EGS - India

Wells Fargo has prospered for more than 160 years because we haven’t been afraid to reinvent ourselves. Our pioneering spirit continually drives us to adapt our business models and technology to better meet our customers' needs.

Wells Fargo caters to a diverse customer base and technology is essential to the growth and success of the products and systems to realize the bank’s vision to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and enable them to succeed financially.

We enjoy the following reputation:

FORBES 8th   biggest publicly traded company in the world (2014)

FORTUNE World’s 22nd   Most Admired Company (2015)

• Brand Finance Most valuable bank brand in the world (2013-2015)

Barron’s 11th   Most Respected Companies (2014)


Our people are our competitive advantage. At Wells Fargo, we strive to find the best people from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures, give them the knowledge and training they need, allow them to be responsible and accountable for their businesses, and recognize them for outstanding performance.

At Wells Fargo, we foster an inclusive work environment where innovation is encouraged. We invest in you, develop your talents and help you maximize your potential.

Wells Fargo EGS - India offers a unique platform for customers to experience world class banking through state of the art technology. A career in technology offers great opportunities along with challenges.


A good leader inspires a team to have confidence in him or her; a great leader inspires a team to have confidence in themselves.

Wells Fargo EGS - India has been crafted by some exemplary leaders. To continue this we are in search of people who have it in them to take on the mantle. Leadership here doesn’t rely on authority or force of personality. Leaders believe in the inherent knowledge and talent of each person. We empower people to develop ideas, test them, quantify the results and share with others. Wells Fargo India offers you the development and leadership opportunities needed to launch your career.

At Wells Fargo EGS - India, we believe that you are capable of inspiring new lines of thought and bringing about fresh change needed for sustainable growth.


Since its inception over 160 years ago, Wells Fargo has been a trusted name. Wells Fargo has a legendary reputation for strength and stability and has stood the test of time.

Wells Fargo EGS - India is the extended arm of the organization created to support the needs for expansion in technology and business processes.

We are looking to add like-minded people who will further help strengthen the organization’s stature.


We want all our team members to feel valued for their culture, skills and traits, and to know they can fulfill their ambition and contribute to the success of the company. We want all team members to feel comfortable and enjoy being part of Wells Fargo. By making diversity a competitive advantage, we can make the company a better place to work, better understand our diverse customers’ needs and give customers and communities’ outstanding service.

We take pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer.